There are so many goals and personal achievements I have.  All of which mold my personality or soon will influence it.  I hope to never stop learning.  This is partly due to the fear I have of becoming complacent.  Complacent with my personal life or profession.  Once complacency has set in, one grows comfortable and begins to form a routine of thoughtless habits.  I do not want an opportunity to pass me by because I was to afraid to change and do something different.  A sign of change and development is a necessary progression of evolution.  The Mark Twain quote, “Explore. Dream. Discover,” correlates with me to always be exploring new alternatives to improve on.  To keep dreaming and envisioning where I want to be physically, emotionally, socially and personally to maintain a focused goal to achieve.  I relocated to New York City in the fall of 2012 with a motivation to learn from the city.  I wanted to live in a rapidly changing environment bombarded with the smartest and savviest individuals to personally feel this sense that I needed to better myself.  I want to be surrounded by others who are better than me so I can better myself.  I enjoy a little friendly competition only to improve oneself and push to complete my goals.


One of my goals is to always be traveling. I get very excited when visiting a new place and experiencing a new culture or society.  One of my favorite places to travel to is Miami. I do love my warm weather, sunny beaches and cocktails.  San Francisco was an aesthetically beautiful city with incredibly cool weather.  I toured Napa valley for two days of wine drinking and cheese consuming.  That is one trip I vow to take again.  In the future I will be planning a week long trip to Spain with my sister as she prepares for her upcoming wedding.  I enjoy talking to others about traveling to connect and learn something new from that individual’s experiences.


I recently completed a goal of mine to learn to sail.  It was a fun three days from knowing nothing about sailboats to learning how to rig and sail a 24 foot sailboat on the Hudson River.  The views of the city from the water are gorgeous especially in the orange hue of the setting sun.  Also completed my first half marathon this past fall only to now want to achieve my next goal of running a full marathon.

Long distance running is a great way to forget about the stresses of today or the arising issues of tomorrow.  It is a way to put life on hold for just a moment and enjoy the outdoor scenery and your body’s most natural movement.  Running has improved my personal stamina, strength, emotional wellness and continues to increase the amount of stress my body is capable of.  Check out some of my running here.

A new sport I recently got into and enjoy doing, when I can, is surfing.  I am no world class surfer, however, I can get up on the board and ride the wave for a bit.  What an incredible feeling being carried by a wave of energy and gliding across the surface of the water.  See a few of my surfing videos from a trip to California here.