Being in the hospitality industry over the past few years has given me the opportunity to meet and work along side some amazing individuals.  Many of whom have taught me valuable lessons that guided me to where I am today.  I enjoy being employed in restaurants of casual service to fine dinning  for the opportunities to interact with many different personalities from many different backgrounds.  Through my interactions with these individuals I have continuously learned and gained appreciation for what I have.

My experience in restaurants has taught me to become comfortable when talking to complete strangers.  The ability to talk to someone new every night and interact in a way that creates a brief yet personal connect has been an ability I use in my everyday life.  This led to a healthy dose of confidence in my ability to interact with any type of personality and befriend them. A skill set I have improved over my time in f&b is the quick process of learning, comprehending, retaining and relaying new information without formal preparation.  This has been abused over the past six years with daily memorization of “today’s specials”, the changing vintages on wine lists and the inevitable “86’d” items to recall during the rush.  At the end of the day, the restaurant experience has breed the ultimate multitask out of me.  In one night I preform everything from sales, marketing, reading my audience, customer service and managing my service assistants.  All skills I am grateful for.  I enjoy the stresses resulting from an environment of high pressure, quick pace and split decisions; the outcomes always seem more fulfilling this way.  Below are comments left behind from strangers I have had the pleasure of sharing an abridged connection with from all over the world.

Customer Feedback

“Brandon was warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and engaging.  He handled a difficult situation professionally.  He is an asset to your organization.”

– Steven F. Hotze M.D.


“Very amicable and professional service.  Made the evening even more enjoyable with the great food.  Thank you for being so attentive.”

– Brain J. Peter

“Brandon was superb!  His level of service, creative and artistic explanations of the entrees, and charm made the dinning experience 5 star!  He is desiring of the Ritz!”

– Jonathan Fleece

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